The Simpsons showed their support for Ukraine with their latest Twitter post

The Simpsons raised the Ukrainian flag to show their support

The popular American animated sitcom The Simpsons released a commissioned image that is going viral. In the image, we see the animated family raising the flag of Ukraine to show their support for the country in the ongoing war against Russia.

The official Twitter account for “The Simpsons” posted the image on the social media platform. The image portrays Bart, Lisa, Homer, Marge and baby Maggie unitedly holding up the Ukrainian flag. The caption read “#TheSimpsons #Simpsons #Ukraine”.

The executive producer of the show talks about the viral Twitter post 

Simpsons’ executive producer Al Jean said that it isn’t common for the sitcom’s team to create political images. However, they felt that Russia invading Ukraine was the appropriate exception.

Jean added that they don’t do this very often and very rarely when the cause is extremely important. He said that this cause couldn’t be bigger.

The Simpsons showed their support for Ukraine with their latest Twitter post 1
The Simpsons Official Twitter

The credits for drawing the cartoon goes to animator and director David Silverman. Silverman has been with the show right from when it started in 1989.

Jean further talks about the motive behind creating the image

Jim Brooks, who is the show’s producer asked Matt Groening, Silverman and Jean to create the image. It was to express their solidarity with the independent country in Eastern Europe.

Jean added that the meaning of the photo is to show their care for the nation. Additionally, the team wants the war to stop and the post depicts the massive sympathy they have for the people in Ukraine.

The Fox animated show gained massive popularity and reputation for specifically predicting many historical events. And surprisingly, they did it with uncanny accuracy even decades ahead.

The Simpsons is the longest running American sitcom today with 33 seasons.