The Popular Daily, ‘New York Times’ Accuses US Military of Promoting & Propagating “White supremacy” on the Eve of American Memorial Day. Find Out the Whole Story Below

Memorial Day which is often considered as a new beginning for the Americans and is an event which they look forward to throughout the year, this year the New York Times put allegations on the US military on celebrating white supremacy. The New York Times feels this way because the names of all the military bases are named after the famous generals. 

So, the NYT very clearly mentions that this is the evidence that the US military promotes white supremacy and considers no other caste important. The editors make huge arguments suggesting that the names of generals should be removed. They feel they were not warriors but traitors. They were the people who had the intention of destroying the whole system of the United States. All they did was make sure to boost their racist ideologies. 

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What the NYT did is quite shameful and has left everyone shocked about such negative statements coming forward that too on the eve of Memorial Day. On such a day which is remembered for those fighters who fought for the nation and saved the country from falling into any trouble, The NYT revealed that they have several stories that are untold and there are over millions of them. 

NYT feels that this is the day when the bases which are named after those traitors, should be renamed. The real American heroes are what deserve true respect, not the traitors who promote racists. The names of over 10 military bases are named after confederate army officers which reflect the federal embrace of the country promoting white supremacy. 

Action on the articles published by NYT was taken by the department of defense claiming the editors have tried to attack the US military. The department cleared that this is a writing move by the New York Times, and some action will surely be taken against such articles spreading false information.