The Larry David Story Two-part Documentary Coming On HBO This March; Trailer Is Out Now

The Larry David Story of Popular and Award-Winning, Comedian, Producer Documentary All set To Premiere On HBO

The Larry David Story is set to premiere on

on March 1. It follows the award-winning all-in-one-man documentary divided into two parts by Larry David. The trailer of the documentary is released and we are very excited to get an insight into David’s life.

The trailer opened where 74-year-old Davis sitting chit-chatting candidly with his friend and director Larry Charles. He talks about the struggles he faced in his personal life and also shed light on the challenges he has gone through in his professional life.

Larry David
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In the one-minute-long trailer, we can see David himself talking to us about his younger days and how people felt when he started his career as a comedian. These short minutes definitely give us a glimpse inside the documentary and we can expect in back to back two-part documentary.

Like his personality, the documentary too told in a new light by the comedy veteran.

The Documentary 

Larry David spent over three decades in the industry and wore many caps during his life. He was a well-known comedian, director, producer, and writer, and appeared on several shows showcasing his talent.

Lary David
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As his documentary releasing, his fans can learn more about his life, both personally and professionally. David takes us back to how he used to be a wacky Brooklyn kid and a humble human being with not much comedy vibes and how he continues to be one of America’s biggest and favorite comedians.

In the documentary, he also talks about his popular series Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. David also reflects his thought on parenthood and comments on everything personal to him.

Fans can watch the Larry David documentary on HBO Max on Tuesday next week at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

You can watch the trailer here.