‘The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild’ is Nothing like the Ice Age Franchise – Review

‘The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild’ on Disney+

‘The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild’ released on 28th January on Disney+. The movie starts with a little flashback of the characters’ lives. So that the first time viewers can catch up with the story. However, the rest of the movie was not quite as good as the flashbacks. So, if you want to watch the Ice Age series, you do not wanna begin with ‘Adventures of Buck Wild’.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild’ on Disney+ Review
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The film begins when possums Eddie and Crash, decide to leave their families in search of more freedom as their sister Ellie is overly protective of them. They suppose they will live as adults with no responsibility except they realize that adulthood is nothing like that. As a result they land inside a Lost World, a hidden underground land where things are not pleasant.

The evil dinosaur, Orson wants to conquer said land. He wants to drive away all the mammals away from that region. Unfortunately that ended up driving the audience away. Crash and Eddie join forces with a weasel, Buck and Zee who pursue the situation as bystanders, at first and then later, the group realizes the gravity of the situation.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild’ on Disney+ Review
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The larger Meaning

The movie follows the two possums as they come of age but end up learn valuable lessons through their adventures. Having said that, the story just isn’t captivating enough. The creators did try to explore the idea of authority and how it functions but failed to do so in a larger sense. Although, some characters like Orson were fun to watch. The film did not end on a satisfying note as the power only shifts from Orson which no one seemed to be opposed to.

Compared to the previous movies, the spinoff was underwhelming.