The fifth Democratic debate for Change and looks like it went well leaving six candidates eligible for the next debate.

The debate was hosted on MSNBC and the Washington Post. The main discussion was impeachment. The representatives present there had different opinions on the matter.


All of them were against the government. The impeachment was brought forward. It was the main hot topic. Many were angry with the law. As per the discussion, Donald Trump, the president of the USA has brought many problems and people are disappointed. Even from the impeachment, it was clear how he has no humanity.

Health care:

The next debate was health care. After former President Obama’s period, the health care was removed. The health care policy was brought by Obama. But with Trump being the new president, he changed a lot of things. One of which was health care. Health care was actually good and beneficial for citizens. But now it is a disappointment and a topic for debate.

After the debate, only six candidates were eligible for the next debate. Each Senate member had different opinions. Even though some said to implement health care, there were still some who disagreed with that concept.

The debate was a spirited one each if them voicing out their opinions and concerns. They are clearly disappointed with the nation and the government, especially the president.

Some even said that whoever is going to be the next president has to be the one who will heal the country. The country is destroyed and it needs a healer, to heal and remove all the problems.

Even though throughout the debate, each had different opinions, but when it came to the impeachment and Trump, they were together. Differences in opinions on the topic like health care, weather, and foreign policy was a debate. It even lasted over two hours.