The Devil Is A Part-Timer Announces Second Season With Minami Kuribayashi Theme Song

Is there a season 2 happening for The Devil Is A Part-Timer?

While viewers holds a special liking for Japanese anime series. Many of them may have forgotten about The Devil Is A Part-Timer. To recall what it was all about, the story of the anime had a satan and a hero where the satan had to just in the lifestyle of modern day Japan. The hilarious anime was literally a good series to watch. However, it didn’t given any other season after it. Well, yes this Japanese anime actually came back more than a decade back. But why is the series once again in limelight?

Here’s why we are talking about the decade back series again.

The Devil Is A Part-Timer season 2 happening

The Devil Is A Part-Timer

Certainly, if you have been a big fan of The Devil Is A Part-Timer. Then you can’t be happier than this on knowing that there’s one more season happening of it. Hopefully, after a really long time, the series is back in motion and we are soon to have it.

To make you certain about its season 2, we had its announcement made on Twitter handle of the anime’s official page. However, they haven’t revealed anything more about it yet. But still we do have some little more updates on the same.

Japanese anime to have a theme song from Minami Kuribayashi

Japanese anime

With not much revelation about what the second season will show or arrive on. We have come to know that the Japanese anime is actually going to have a theme song from Minami Kuribayashi in season 2.

The track for season two by Minami is titled as “With”. Not to forget Minami even had the previous season’s theme song performed titled as “Zero”. The track “With” is to launch this july on 20th in Japan as single version. However, the season two of Japanese anime too is to arrive in July with specific date still not given to it.