The Creators of the Acclaimed Series ‘Dark’ are Ready with yet Another Mind-Boggling Series ‘1899’

German famous Netflix series ‘Dark’ came out to be quite a big one not only worldwide but also for the Indian audience too. The creators of the show themselves were astonished by the amount of success they received. Netflix’s German hit-series Dark finished just a short time prior, however, the makers Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar have known their next venture for a long while. In November 2018, Netflix declared their next series named 1899 as a feature of the pair’s general arrangement with the real-time feature.

The first series spins around a transient steamship travelling west to leave the old mainland from London to New York. The travellers, a mishmash of European sources, are joined by their deepest desires for the new century and their future abroad. At the point when they find another traveller transport unfastened on the vast ocean, their excursion takes a startling turn. What they find onboard will transform their section to the guaranteed land into a stunning bad dream.

Right now no cast individuals have been declared. We ought to anticipate a few declarations in the coming months. It isn’t improbable that some cast individuals from Dark will show up.

According to Creation Weekly, who stated the clearly show back in problem #1185, production is established to get a place in London, UK and Berlin, Germany and other European towns.


From the start, the series was anticipated to drop on Netflix in 2021, however, with an April 2021 age start and a September 2021 wrap, that is currently incredibly hard and the underlying season will be released at some point in 2022. 1899 will have eight one-hour episodes in its first season. The pilot scene is designated “The Ship” as uncovered by showrunner Baran bo Odar on his Instagram.