The Citizenship Amendment Act: The Act & The Upsurging Movement That Have Shaken The Whole Nation

The World’s Largest Democracy is in Jeopardy.

The Indian government has to be in the limelight for its bold moves and decisions on disputable and susceptible outlooks of the nation. Be it article 370 or Ram Mandir. BJP led NDA government has exercised full authority of majority in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

This buoyancy made them pass the CITIZENSHIP AMENDMENT ACT on 12 December 2019. The CAA paves a way for the legalization and naturalization of citizenship of illegal migrants for Hindu, Christian, Jain, Parsi, Sikh, and Buddhist communities and like religious minorities who had to flee from three countries, namely, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh under circumstances.

The act is being biased against one community: Muslims, it also hinders the node of secular moral of equality fruited by the Indian constitution though some parties out-spoke the bill but contributed to converting it into the act.

Citizenship Amendment Act
Picture: AP | Representative Image

No leaders of a political party took the initiative to launch a nationwide protest. But this something uncertain was fated for government; the youth took it as their constitutional duty and right to take down this prejudiced and malevolence act. Soon the future of the nation was on board to protest against the CAA.

The insurgency was the aroma of JNU: the illustrious university for the national protests and meetings. Soon the waves took the Jamia Millia Islamia, another university in the capital. They carried out two peaceful protests on 13 and 15 but were redundant by the police brutally. 15th December 2019 was the doom day for the nation; the brutality reached its height.

Protests at Jamia Islamia against CAA.
Picture: AP

Students were trashed and beaten inside the university campus police didn’t spear female students; they rupture the library leaving the nation in shock. Soon this had a solid repercussion youth from all over nation took the stand, and the event started to get heated up enough to explode the angry of commons.

The situation has now been contaminated by opinionated propaganda of various vote ravenous parties, and the various big and planned event has marked the timeline after the nationalization of issue. But neglecting the political manifesto, this event marked the factual perspective of youth to mobilize the outlook of the nation and overturn any situation. They may not be able to prevail in the scenario, but this definite cabinet the understandably and competence to arbitrate the right or wrong.