The brilliant, Gory bloody-lusty Dracula has arrived: Dracula Review

Should you stream or skip the new Drama Dracula, read to find out.

After the iconic Sherlock Holmes, the power duo of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have come up with Dracula on BBC; a modern adaptation of the literary classic 1897 gothic horror of the same name by Bram Stoker. The series kickstarted on the first day of the New Year on BBC and Netflix simultaneously and has aired 3 episodes of 90 minutes each over three consecutive days.

Opening Shot

The gory show had quite of a subtle disturbing opening shot wherein a sallow-eyed man A convent in Hungary, 1897, is watching a fly buzz around his room, then we see the fly very up close as if it landed on his eye. The story unfolds within two parallel timeframes. It keeps oscillating between Now and Then i.e. past and present.

What Happened?

In the present time, where the story begins, a strangely deformed man is being interviewed in a nunnery by Sister Agatha played by Dolly Wells. The nun is investigating the story of a man, Jonathan Harker played by John Heffernan who narrates his tale of escaping from the clutches (jaws here) of someone he referred to as Count Dracula. The man, Jonathan Harker, is played by John Heffernan. Harker was spotted on the banks of a nearby river by a fisherman, washed up and muttering something about the evil forces. The fisherman brought him to the nunnery to sister Agatha, who then, took it upon herself to question the lawyer about the incidents that occurred during his stay with Count Dracula.

The brilliant, Gory bloody-lusty Dracula has arrived: Dracula Review
Picture: BBC

The spine-chilling representation has several scenes that would drain the blood out of your face one of which includes Harker’s horrifying stay at the castle where he was chased by undead zombies followed by a Dracula bride draining off his blood. However, that wasn’t the all, the magnitude of violence, terror and fear in 2nd half will curdle your blood with the emergence of vampire out of the body of a wolf as he transformed from beast to man when attacking the monastery were Harker was being kept.

The brilliant, Gory bloody-lusty Dracula has arrived: Dracula Review
Picture: Netflix

Stream or Skip?

The terrifying show that terrorized the viewers with the very first episode by a gory depiction of a decapitated nun and blood-thirsty babies should be on your list of streaming. Packed with much horror and modernized version of Dracula played by Claes Bang. The cast has brought in the same supreme conviction to the story that one expects from a representation of a classic literary work. The screenplay script and direction are very refreshing but Moffat and Gatiss may seem to entangled again in their temptation of over-telling and over-complicating the story. But we are keeping high hopes from the drama.