‘The Batman’ release has stopped in Russia due to Ukraine Invasion

The most anticipated movie ‘The Batman’ got halted in Russia

The Most Anticipated movie of the year ‘The Batman‘ was going to halt in Russia. The reason behind it is the Ukraine invasion. The movie is scheduled to release on 4th March. Many movies are following the same path by halting their movie releases.

The Batman movie

Not only Warner bros but also Walt Disney Co. and Sony Pictures said that they are also set to pause the film releases in Russia. Warner Bros followed the decision of Walt Disney. As the studio has the Pixar film ‘Turning Red’ in Russia on 10th March. But in the US the movie will be under Disney+.

The Effect of Ukraine Invasion on Movies

Originally Batman will be launched Friday worldwide. But now due to this ‘Situation’ the release was paused in Russia. As unfortunate as it is Big losses will follow to the film’s box office. Russia is one of the big market for Hollywood.

The Batman
warer bros.

Recently, Spiderman: No Way Home has grossed 1.85 billion dollars worldwide. But only in Russia 46.7 million was collected. In Addition to that Tom Holland’s ‘Uncharted‘ got 20 million dollars in Russia in just two weeks. Later Sony also walked in the same path. The release of ‘Morbius‘ is also halted. It is the movie which is the collaboration of Marvel and Sony. The Political environment in Russia seems that it is the right thing to do. Even though most theatres are owned privately and not owned by state in Russia. The correct info about a country encouraging a ban is not disclosed.

This state of situation will continue until there is a closure. We all wish to have a peaceful year ahead.