Forrest Fenn’s $2M Hidden Treasure Claims Another Life; Jeff Murphy became the Fourth Man to Lose his Life while Finding the Treasure

A US man who found his death while looking for covered mountains in the Rocky mountains has become the fourth individual to bite the dust on the chase.

Jeff Murphy, 53, had traveled to Yellowstone National Park from his home in Illinois to look for the covered $2m (£1.4) money box. He had been searching for the reserve of gold and gems purportedly covered up by a well off 86-year-old craftsmanship seller. Authorities verified that Murphy fell 500ft (152m) after his foot slipped.

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As indicated by an official report got by Montana TV station KULR-News, Murphy’s wife had told rescuers that he had been looking for the lost treasure when he disappeared on 8 June 2017.

He was discovered the following day by authorities, who later established that his passing was not a deliberate suicide. Murphy was looking for the treasure of New Mexico tycoon Forrest Fenn. The collectibles vendor composed a 24-line sonnet in his 2010 diary that he guaranteed prompted the fortune.

He said he needed to urge individuals to invest more energy outside, utilizing the chase as an approach to “get the children off the love seat and away from the game machine”. The Romanesque chest, he says, is covered over the rise of 5,000ft some place in the Rocky Mountains between Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Canadian outskirt.

His secretive sonnet closes with the accompanying lines: “So hear me all and listen great, Your exertion will merit the virus. “On the off chance that you are fearless and in the wood, I give you title to the gold.”

Three others have passed on looking for the chest, which Mr Fenn says contains “several gold pieces, some as extensive as chicken eggs, old Chinese cut jade figures, Pre-Columbian gold creature ancient rarities, loads of rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and precious stones and different things”.

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Thousands of people have tried to find Mr Fenn’s treasure Source: Unknown

Many, including the widow of one Colorado minister who kicked the bucket on the inquiry, have scrutinized Mr Fenn’s treasureas a “lie”. In any case, he has excused them, saying that all outside experience exercises are intrinsically risky.

Life is too short to even consider wearing both a belt and suspenders, he told the New York Times a year ago. In the event that somebody suffocates in the pool we shouldn’t deplete the pool, we should instruct individuals to swim. A year ago, with an end goal to forestall further passing, he advised not to strain themselves while looking.

Nobody should look in a spot where a 80-year-elderly person couldn’t conceal it, he said. As indicated by the report acquired by KULR, Murphy had messaged Mr Fenn in the days prior to his demise. Mr Fenn had likewise reached Yellowstone authorities during the pursuit, and “offered to pay for a helicopter to locate the missing man”.

He likewise purportedly said he had never been to the zone where Murphy fell, which authorities said was close to the Turkey Pen Peak ignoring the Yellowstone River in the territory of Wyoming.

Murphy is survived by his wife and two kids.