“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Offers Nothing New – Review

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is a new package with old content

The sequel to the OG “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” dropped on the 18th of February. And yes, Leatherface has returned. The film is “kind of” of a sequel to the many, many movies of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. It is the ninth movie in the franchise and follows pretty much the same path as it’s previous instalments.

Story of Leatherface

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The movie introduces, Melody, her sister Lila and their group of friends who arrive in a small town in Texas. They try to turn this ghost town into something more pleasing. The group enters an abandoned building which used to be an orphanage. They encounter an old lady and an orphan. Later, the lady ends up having a seizure and dies on her way to the hospital. The orphan, riding in the car with her, cuts her face off and wears it as a mask.

He is Leatherface and he gets his classic chainsaw back and goes on a killing spree. A specific scene where he enters a bus and starts sawing every passenger on it. The scene is the definition of a bloodbath and is something to watch out for. That one scene in particular, almost feels like a fever dream.

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Review; Offers Nothing New
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The Return of Sally Hardesty

The fans of the franchise would love the return of Sally Hardesty, the only survivor of the 1974 Texas massacre. She returns in order to seek revenge for the murder of her friends. The movie essentially follows the same plot with a few changes here and there. And doesn’t offer anything new. However, the movie will most certainly be treat for the hardcore fans of the franchise.

This movie is also great for people who enjoy watching a good, cinematic bloodbath and people’s organs coming out of their body.