Baby Born without ‘Skin’ turned ONE this New Year’s Eve. See his Shark-Themed First Birthday Pics Inside!!!

Last year on New Year’s Eve, a boy was born in San Antonio, Texas with skin only above his neck. The chances of his survival were barely there. But like what his name Ja’bari meant, “fighter and warrior”, he kept on fighting and won the battle of life.

This year, on January 1st, his first birthday celebration was celebrated. Barely two months after his discharge from the hospital, he had a shark-themed birthday celebration.

On November 11, 2019, after almost a year, he came home. It took skin grafts and surgeries to plant skin on his body. A Boston based lab helped in grafting skin on him. Usually, the lab helps in curing patients with burn issues.

It was only in October when his mother, Priscilla Maldonado Gray could make touch contact with her son. He was admitted to Texas Children’s Hospital.

GoHelpMe is a platform that assists needy people in fundraising. Priscilla got a donation of $100K from the platform for his son’s treatment. She initially shared the happy news on this platform.

Priscilla said that she had lost hope when he was three months old. She is very glad now to have his son back. She said she didn’t face any problem with her other two kids.

The birthday celebration was full of joy. Everyone’s shirt had baby sharks on it as per the theme. The background was also in the shark theme.

In one photo, we can see Daddy Shark written on the father’s tee. Mommy Shark was on his mother’s shirt. Similarly, Sister Shark and Brother Shark were on his sibling’s dress.

In another image, his parents were seen holding him in a Shark blanket design. Party items having sharks were decorated everywhere. The cake also had colourful sharks on it. There were Shark stickers on the puddings too.