Taylor Swift starrer ‘Cats’ receives CGI updates after its release

Tom Hooper’s new release Cats gets new CGI updates after it hits cinemas on Friday, December 20.

The new update with improved visual effects was available to download on Sunday. Shipping of hard drives for the movie would be made by Tuesday, December 24.

The film received a major criticism after its rushed arrival on the screens. The box office collection came out to be very low than expected with the movie-making only $2.6 million on the first day. It could only make itself up to $6.5 million by the weekend and received a C+ Cinemascore by moviegoers.

Starring Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and James Cordon; the movie also has Idris Elba and Judi Dench in prime roles.

Star cast
Cats star cast

What makers have today?

Director Hooper agreed on working on the movie till the last day of its expected release on December 16. The last-minute changes here and there to the film apparently led to missing out some details and adding mistakes.

Variety features editor Jenelle Riley tweeted on Sunday.

Universal Pictures is asking theatres to replace the older version of Cats with the newer one as soon as possible.

Check out the trailer below: