Surprising! Condé Nast sued Drake and 21 Savage for allegedly creating a bogus “Vogue” cover to publicize “Her Loss”

Condé Nast sued Drake as well as 21 Savage for forging a “Vogue” cover to advertise “Her Loss”

Rappers Drake and 21 Savage disseminated a series of fictitious media appearances on their social media platforms to promote their most recent album, “Her Loss.” The two had already faked appearances on NBC’s Saturday Night Live and an interview on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show. Even Stern mentioned the bogus interview, commenting wryly that Drake edited himself in their studio so well that people mistakenly believed he was there with them.

Vogue Cover Controversy

Drake and 21 Savage/Screenshot by NPR

According to recent reports, rappers Drake and 21 Savage constructed a phoney Vogue cover that spread around New York City. This offended Condé Nast, publisher of Vogue, and, as a result, Condé Nast sued Drake and rapper 21 Savage for $4 million. Condé Nast claimed that despite numerous requests for the rappers to remove their bogus publicity campaign, the artists paid no attention.

champagnepapi / Instagram

The publisher’s attorneys assert that the artists have defied requests to stop disseminating the fake issue, accusing them of violating trademark infringements when they produced and disseminated fraudulent copies of a Vogue issue to boost sales of the album Her Loss, which was released last Friday, Nov. 4.

Accusations Against Drake and 21 Savage in a Lawsuit

Condé Nast asserted that all of the Vogue images that they posted were fake and unapproved by him in the complaint that was filed on Monday. According to the lawsuit, Drake and 21 Savage made fake editions of Vogue and distributed copies of them in northern regions, in addition to putting up posters with the parody cover.

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They were accused of posting a fake issue on social media for the more than 135 million users who follow both Drake and 21 Savage, and they also allegedly fraudulently praised Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, for her love and support throughout that momentous occasion.

champagnepapi / Instagram

Condé Nast emphasized that she has repeatedly requested that any promotional materials mentioning Vogue be removed, but has received no response, and that she is not involved in assisting them. According to the lawsuit, Anna Wintour’s photo was altered to substitute a picture of Drake.

Since its release on November 4, “Her Loss” has received a range of critical reactions.