‘Stranger Things” Noah Schnapp got slammed as SNAKE by Doja Cat for his Actions!!

Doja Cat, a rapper, and Noah Schnapp, a star of “Stranger Things,” heated up TikTok this week after he revealed the direct messages she sent him.

Recognizing Snapp’s youth, the “Kiss Me More” rapper called out the actor for the “snake” and “weasel”-like action. Doja Cat is also under fire for requesting young Schnapp to put her in touch with his co-star Joseph Quinn.

The Grammy winner, 26, allegedly wrote to Schnapp, 17, asking him to tell Joseph to “hmu” (or call him). or tell if he has a girlfriend? And Schnapp published the conversation with his 26 million TikTok subscribers after laughing it off and telling her to message Quinn directly. (He then deleted it, but not before some other users took screenshots of it.)

During a TikTok Live, the rapper from “Woman” called him out for distributing the missives, calling it “borderline snake” behavior. This infuriated the rapper.

When you’re that young, mistakes are inevitable. You act foolishly. You call me a d—. You f— f— destroy connections with people, she said, calling Schnapp “so incredibly socially ignorant and crazy” for publishing “a private dialogue.”

You understand what I mean? That is practically snake s—. That’s like weasel s—,” she exclaimed, adding that she had already spoken to him about it and that it seemed like “a bizarre power play.”

“Y’all are so awful and lame and nobody wants to hang w u that’s why y’all be on here unironically posting comments to s— that makes you upset,” the artist and frequent TikTok joker tweeted early on Friday morning.

Many TikTok users commented on her most recent video, in which she is shown “straight relaxing… with no regrets,” to express their opinions.

One person commented, “Leave Noah alone.” Another said, ” UR GETTING MAD AT A KID.”

Another remark read, “It ain’t that deep with Noah schnapp doja, it was a joke.”

Several users on TikTok user King Asante’s description of the “messy” incident claimed that Doja became very emotional, shamed her, and concentrated on Schnapp’s age. It was quickly pointed out by others that it was a prank.

One user commented, “She’s asking a 17-year-old’stranger’ to play matchmaker.”

Another comment read, “Now why u callin Noah a snake lol extra for no cause.”

Another person said, “She’s mad for no reason.”

He is essentially a 17-year-old child; Joseph wouldn’t have given a hoot, I’m sure. And not only that, I wonder what opinion Joseph now has of her,” a third person chimed in.

Several Twitter users attempted to offer Doja some guidance.

In a tweet, user @llorenaxox wrote, I love you] but u went to a 17 year old instead of dming Joseph yourself like an adult, then called him out publicly for posting the convo.” “Because you’re a doja kitty, anyone would have talked to you! But you ought to have made it obvious to him if you wanted it to remain private.