Stephen King’s ‘The Outsider’ is somewhat inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”!!! Know How???

Recently, Stephen King’s “The Outsider” has been converted into a series by HBO and executive producers and directors Jason Bateman and Andrew Bernstein have confirmed that they were inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”. They have said that “ to get the feel of an uncertain disdain and something unusual might going to happen, to get those feelings we look up to Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece “The Shining”.

Although it’s quite unusual to watch “The Outsider” to become a series as the storyline of this novel is quite straightforward as Terry Maitland, a school teacher and little league coach who is quite famous in the community is accused with charges of rape and murder against 11-year-old boy by police detective Ralph Anderson but the problem was that Terry was out of town that day when the incident took place while his fingerprints and other details matched the profile of the unknown suspect.

Yet, the show producers and directors were able to make it into a series and with such precise scenarios, the trailer on its own is something you have to see at least twice, as it is full of answers yet with a keen sense of uncertainty, the characters going crazy with all those circumstances and with the addition of Stephen King’s imaginative realm of dark and horrific creatures, it’s one hell of a show. The cast of this series has done a great job in making the movie more realistic somehow down the line.

Although Stephen King was not a great fan of “The Shining” as for him, Stanley’s depiction of the novel as a movie was not something appreciate despite that the show makers have somewhat loved the gory and ghastly description of the incidents which are described in quite a manner.