Starboy hidden behind the clouds: The Weeknd and Isabella breaking up ‘second relationship’! Is Selena the reason for separation?

Winner of the ‘Model of the year’ award 2016, Isabella Khair Hadid, 22, is an American model. Isabella and his 29-year-old boyfriend, who is a Grammy winner, The Weeknd, broke up recently. It is not the first time when they have broken up. It is the second time that both the celebs have parted their ways. Isabella and Weeknd are separated mentally as well as physically. Where Isabella is busy with her fashion week commitments, Weeknd is also working on his music and his upcoming acting debut.

What led to their separation?

The different traveling schedules of the couple might have created distance between them. Both of them have not spent quality spend for a long time as reported by a source. The source also said that they have been arguing a lot these days.

Back in 2017, when The Weeknd and Selena Gomez were in a relationship.

Before ending up their relationship in 2016, Hadid and Weeknd were together for almost a year and a half. After the break-up, Hadid began dating the famous ‘Barney & Friends’, actress, Selena Gomez. Weeknd and Selena dated for ten long months. Then in November 2017 again, Weeknd and Isabella came close to each other and were in a ‘second relationship’ which they revealed in July 2018.

Were they going to exchange love bands?

This story does not end here only. In October last year, Weeknd and Hadid even moved in together in his condominium in New York. The couple was so madly in love that they were also going to get engaged soon.

The couple which is no more a couple for the second time did not post or shared much about their relationship. Hadid posted a picture with the singer on his birthday in February and another photo with him in March. Weeknd deactivated his Instagram account a few days back.

The Weeknd and Isabella Hadid together.

However, everything is possible in the Hollywood industry, and if a couple can come into a relationship twice, then it is even possible that they make it a hattrick!