Spotify Announces Addition Of Content Advisories On Upcoming Covid-19 Podcasts Following Misinformation Criticism

Spotify announced content warning on podcasts discussing Covid-19

The largest audio streaming platform, Spotify announced a big change for users. On Sunday CEO, Daniel Ek announced a new content warning for podcast episodes that will discuss Covid-19.

Why warning came forward 

There have been massive protests against Spotify for the past few weeks about covid-19 misinformation. Following this, ‘A Case of You’ singer, Joni Mitchell has announced that she will be removing all her tracks from the platform after Neil Young removed his track.

Early this month, 270 medical professionals sent letters to Spotify asking it to take action on false claims done at The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Daniel Ek
Spotify CEO Daniel Ek/AP

Michel said that people had spread lies on the streaming platform which has now spread like fire. She explained her decision on Twitter, saying she stands with the Young and medical communities on misinformation news. A few days back, Young left the music streaming platform after rumours of Covid-19 spread, which motivated Mitchell to do the same.

Harvest Moon‘ singer took this decision following the misinformation that spread about vaccines in which Joe Rogan referred to.

Seeing the ongoing protest on misinformation, CEO Ek has decided to add content advisories to any podcast which will feature the Covid-19 talk.

The statement

The audio streaming platform says the content warning will be added in the upcoming days. Along with it, the platform will also release rules of the platform and raise awareness of what acceptable information creators can release.

Ek also stated the responsibility of striking a balance between creating content without censor. And at the same time protecting the safety of the listeners.

He said seeing the feedback in the last few weeks, it’s clear to him that the right information from medical communities is important.

Reportedly, Rogan has signed a $100 million deal to stream his podcast.

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