‘Splatoon 3’: Nintendo has some major promotional news despite rumors of Splatoon 2 support end, leading up to Splatoon 3???

There are various theories hoving among people regarding the arrival of Splatoon 3 in general. Splatoon 2, went super successful on the screens by selling more than 9.81 million copies all around the world. Everyone desires and fervour to have a sequel of it.

The plot of Splatoon 2 revolves around the Octo development and the excursion of two cousin sisters – Callie and Marie – competing to the association. And the conclusion was that it was an extraordinary hit for its engineers. It has a great fan following due to its incredible multiplayer interface and numerous energizing firearms and weapons.

However, there’s no official announcement by the proprietor organization Nintendo regarding the third portion of Splatoon. Splatoon 2  was thought to be a mess, but presently, they realized that we could play it offline. During Christmas 2019, Nintendo dropped works of art of the Splatoon characters. This hinted about the estimates of the plot and arrival of Splatoon 3. According to the statistics, the show is supposed to drop in 2020, but there’s no information about it yet.

Even the cast of Splatoon 3 is not revealed. Neither is the narration of the game begun. The game will present a story mode this time even, as it was in the previous ones. Well, it will also have various multiplayer components. Moreover, the past characters of Marie, Callie, Pearl, and Marina are expected to be back. There hasn’t been much information about the game right now, but we hope that it’ll probably come in the upcoming days. However, fans are really eager.

Hopefully, Nintendo will drop the third Splatoon game by the end of this year. So all we can do right now is to wait and expect its arrival soon.