South Park Season 25 Returns with A Dig At Matt Damon’s Famous Crypto Ad

South Park Season 25 talks about Matt Damon crypto ad

Its seems like Matt Damon’s crypto ad has still something to make fun of as South Park sitcom takes a dig at the same. Certainly, the much loved sitcom recently premiered its 25th season and it had mention of Matt Damon’s crypto ad that has long been mocked about. Well, the characters in the 25th season of the sitcom were heard talking about crypto and Matt Damon and it was amusing.

South Park
Instagram / South Park

Matt Damon’s “Fortune Favours The Brave” crypto ad mocked on South Park

For all those who haven’t seen the Matt Damon’s crypto ad, it’s a commercial made for encouraging crypto investment that featured Matt Damon in it. However, crypto being a risky investment was ridiculed a lot after the ad was aired.

Moreover, the recently released season of South Park had an amusing dig at the crypto ad of Matt Damon. Interestingly, the character in the 25th season of the South Park titled Pajama Day was heard talking about Matt Damon and crypto.

Pajama Day had the sitcom character remember Matt Damon’s crypto ad

The episode on 2nd Feb of sitcom had the fourth grade boys with a lost opportunity to wear Pajama at the Pajama Day in school. The character Cartman was seen asking “What does Matt Damon say in the Bitcoin commercial? Fortune favours the brave!”while heading towards the principal who cancelled the plan of them wearing the PJs.

South Park
Instagram / South Park

Clyde, the other student responds saying that “My dad said he listened to Matt Damon and lost all his money”. Cartman replies back saying “Yes everyone did! But, they were brave in doing so!”.

The funny dialogues certainly made everyone laugh watching it. No to mention, the sitcom released its new episodes after a long since its last one that arrived in 2019. Moreover, you can watch the new episodes of the American comic drama on Comedy Central.