Shocking! Stray Kids announce comeback for 2022 with cryptic teaser for MAXIDENT!!

STRAY KIDS are making a comeback 

As many K-pop groups and solo artists announce the release of their albums, it is the comeback season. For all K-Pop fans, this month will be quite busy. We now have Stray Kids ready to make their return, which will add to their already hectic agenda.

Instagram/ Stray Kids

Yes, that is at last taking place. Stray Kids, a talent powerhouse, plans to make a return shortly. All of their admirers, who have been anticipating the announcement for a while, are thrilled by this.

Their perseverance is about to pay off. Along with the official confirmation, a surprise teaser for the comeback was also given to us. The band presented the thrilling and explosive teaser clip for their reunion on September 6 at midnight KST (8.30 pm IST on September 5).


The band just confirmed the release date and timing for their upcoming single MAXIDENT by providing a preview for the same. Stray Kids will eventually make a comeback in 2022.

JYP Entertainment

The band announced they will be releasing MAXIDENT on October 7 at 1 p.m. KST via a video that was uploaded to YouTube.

The hashtag “Stray Kids comeback” started trending around the same time on Twitter, where fans expressed excitement for what the band had to offer.

After releasing the same trailer, the news was released. The video went viral quickly, and millions of people have already watched it. The nearly two-minute video does not provide much to the audience, but it does make a fantastic promise about their next songs.

The video, MAXIDENT, which features the band as various avatars, resembles a concept film. They exhibit a range of emotions, from tranquil to rebellious. It seems as if they switch between modes. This group is not scared of anything or anyone.

Their attire complements the ideas well, ranging from soft hues to black leather coats and other dark colors. They cause absolute destruction everywhere and appear unstoppable until a shocking event occurs at the conclusion.

Stray Kids| Instagram

You won’t be able to predict how this preview video will conclude. The story concludes with the members receiving a call from an unknown number that contains an 8-letter code. The Stray Kids’ bad boy phase ends when a pink fuzzy heart-shaped doll and its minion dolls appear out of nowhere.

Even if it is challenging to draw many conclusions from a trailer film, it is safe to say that the band has left everyone fascinated. We eagerly anticipate learning what they have in store for us.

Since their last release, the little album ODDINARY, in March of this year, it will be their first comeback in seven months. On October 7, the new album is scheduled for release.

The band recently celebrated its four-year anniversary when the news of their return broke. On this occasion, each member wrote a sincere letter to the fans.

After being created by JYP Entertainment, they had their stage debut on March 25, 2018, and since then, they have amassed a large following.