SHOCKING!! Lala Kent goes back to visit 50 Cent, who is currently in the middle of his own rap beef.

Given that she’s been kicking it with the rapper/producer on the set of his new horror film, it looks that the dispute between 50 Cent and Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is entirely over.

Lala has reportedly been dropping by “several times” to visit 50 as he shoots the movie “Skill House” at the Los Angeles content-creation facility Sway House, according to witnesses on the set.

For those who don’t know, Lala was involved in a dispute in 2019 between 50 and her ex-fiance, Randall Emmett. Remember how Fif tormented Randall by broadcasting a clip of Lala on “VR” about how she would receive pricey presents from Randall after sex and said that Randall owed him a million dollars?

Additionally, 50 shared texts from Randall pleading with him not to make their drama public. Lala then intervened, claiming that the rapper’s actions damaged the #metoo movement.

All of that is now behind them. Lala, according to what is said, doesn’t appear in the film and has only been by to visit with a buddy.

Given that Lala and Randall had a tumultuous breakup, we may assume that he won’t be pleased to see her becoming close to his adversary. 50 claims that Randall eventually repaid the $1 million loan.

As if the Lala-Fif sighting wasn’t bizarre enough, this is the same film set where a camera operator recently collapsed while filming a particularly gory scene.