SHOCKING! IT’S Britney. Britney Spears Admits Son Jayden DID miss HIS WEDDING. Shared response online!!

Federline, Jayden James, is speaking up. According to Daily Mail, the 15-year-old explains to Daphne Barak why he and his brother, 16-year-old Sean Preston, missed his mother’s June wedding to Sam Asghari in an interview that will appear Friday night on ITV News.

Jayden recalls, “At the time, it just wasn’t a good time to go.” “Not that I don’t feel glad for her, mind you. Although I’m incredibly delighted for them, she didn’t invite the entire family, and if it had only been Preston and I there, I don’t think things could have ended well.”

Britney responded to her son and online commenters on Instagram on Thursday night, stating that her love for her children “knows no bounds and it genuinely pains me to know his outrage of saying I wasn’t up to his expectations as a mother.”

Even so, Jayden said he doesn’t dislike his mother and would like to see her again in the future. In a recent interview with Daily Mail, Kevin claimed that neither of Britney’s sons had seen her in “a few months.” Britney herself addressed this issue on Instagram.

Regarding his relationship with his mother, Jayden asserts, “I 100 percent think this can be healed.” “Just a lot of time and work will be required. All I want is for her mental health to improve. I definitely want to see her once she recovers.”

The usage of social media by Jayden’s mother was also brought up by Kevin, who previously told ITV News that it “hurts” his boys.

“She benefits from social media. I won’t resent her for doing what she wants to do if that’s what she wants to do “He claims. She should also become aware of whatever it is that prevents her from loving her family.

To gain some attention, he continues, “it almost seems like she has to post something on Instagram.” “There is a good likelihood that this will continue on forever, but I’m hoping for me that she will stop,” the speaker said.

Jayden is particularly offended by Britney posting pictures of his older brother, who he claims “doesn’t like the cameras,” on social media.

Jayden explains, “He asked my mother not to upload his images, and she did it nevertheless. So it wasn’t a good outcome.

Just one example of how Jayden and Preston are “extremely unified” is in his words in support of his brother.

Preston adds, “I don’t think Mom expressed enough affection to me, and I think she has battled to give us both time and providing us equal love. I feel extremely horrible for that.” “This is our safe space now, to process all the emotional pain we’ve gone through to heal, mend our mental state. We’ve both been through so much pressure in the past.”

Jayden continues, “He always looks out for me and I always watch out for him.” We take care to keep each other mentally healthy.

The teenagers had been living with their father, his elder sons, Kori (20) and Kaleb (18), his wife, Victoria Prince, and their two children, Jordan (11), and Peyton (08), during the teens’ absence from their mother.

Jayden says, “I feel like this is my secure spot.” “my house Everyone here is wonderful.”

However, they haven’t been visiting their paternal grandfather because, as Kevin previously told the Daily Mail, Jamie “overstepped limits.”

Despite their distance, Jayden declares, “I adore him, with all my heart,” and adds that Jamie “‘doesn’t deserve all the venom he is getting in the media. “Britney is ceasing to know how much [Jamie] cares for her,” says Jayden of Britney.

Jayden believes that his grandfather “was simply trying to be a parent” when it comes to Jamie’s involvement in Britney’s since-terminated conservatorship.

“At first he was just trying to be like any father, letting her pursue her dream of becoming a superstar, but I did think maybe the conservatorship went on too long, probably why my Mom was very angry about the whole situation that she was working for too long,” Jayden says. “I personally think she was.” She ought to have stopped and unwinded.

In addition, Jayden bears no animosity toward Bryan Spears, the brother of his mother, or Lynne, his maternal grandmother.

“They are decent individuals. They are aware of our current struggles “Says Jayden. “They desire the future we see for ourselves. They merely want to keep an eye on us. We value the influence of Memow and Uncle Bryan in our life. They have shown me how to handle situations.”

Jayden admits that the conflict in the family “has been going on for years.”

He says, before going on to explain why he feels upbeat, “There is a good probability it won’t stop.” “Positivity comes so easily. It is quite simple to fall into depression and sadness. It is more difficult to promote optimism.”

What Jayden would like to say to his mother today is as follows: “I really care about you and wish the best for you. We may be able to do this again sometime and have a conversation.”

Kevin Federline is criticized by Britney Spears’ attorney for videos of their sons.