Shocking!! Android Auto is Permanently deleted from Smart Phone!!

What will happen to people who used Android Auto now that it has been permanently removed? Google has already identified a fix for the issue.

At the end of its history, Android Auto arrived.

The application has been completely erased. In actuality, much has already started. Since I began, disable it by uninstalling it. Why does this matter? It only indicates that a file The app won’t be available on mobile devices; it will only be accessible through the car’s entertainment system. Because Google has already developed a solution for you if your phone lacks a screen, you should exercise caution.

Let’s examine this new Google ploy in more detail.

Now that the app has been disabled, what will happen? Really nothing because Google will take care of directing you to the settings page itself when the server is offline. You may set up your vehicle’s coupler here. The steps are definitely well outlined, Step by Step. You’ll get an explanation of this right away. Only automobile screens may use the new technology. Is it a problem that my automobile doesn’t have a screen?

You can utilize manual mode if your automobile lacks a screen, so you can drive with confidence. In reality, Google Assistant was created in 2019 and released in 2021. But suddenly a Real restyling  Because it will undoubtedly come file appeared. It is utilized widely. Although she is not an app, Google Assistant has a service link that activates Google Maps. We can think of it as a map update as many cars today do not have screens.

So how does it function if our automobile doesn’t have a screen?

How exactly does this service use Google Maps? extremely simple To activate it using voice commands, navigate to the dark bar and press the bottom right button. You can build a file link to put it on the home page once it has been used for the first time. there The position is unchanged from before. In other words, it calls and texts us, displays our multimedia stuff, and visibly directs us.

Current Directory mode Landscape mode support is not implemented, but we’ll see if this will be corrected in later releases. Still, the mission Even though they have continual improvement, it is highly developed. Then we wait. We shall rotate our ratings after new navigation systems from Google are put up for trading.