SHOCKED Westworld Season 4 Might Tease a Surprise Death in First Minute!!

Westworld unveiled a brand-new trailer on this June 16, 2022. the opening frame of this trailer? Undoubtedly, it shows a portion of the Manhattan skyline.

When Does Westworld Come Back? Or has someone already returned and poured coffee all over your brain orb?

You, my beloved buddy, have been clean from Westworld for more than two years now, unless your chosen way of self-torture is rewatching the episode where Rehoboam talks for 45 minutes. Must be pleasant. Embrace it. The upcoming season will premiere on June 26, 2022, according to the video. If you want to fly to a secluded spot and hide out in a cave, Spirit Airlines has fantastic rates for that week.

Is It Valuable to Speculate About Westworld’s Future?

I’m not sure, to be honest. Usually, I’d say that the Season Three finale did, in fact, tie everything up in a SparkNotable fashion. Dolores Abernathy has passed away but is likely to come back in some other form, the Man in Black is now a robot, Caleb will undoubtedly help and participate in the murder of all humans, and my man Bernard took a trip to the Sublime.

All of this seems to be confirmed by the trailers. Think, I The new one has a lot going on. First, scroll ahead two paragraphs if you want to know what’s going on with New Dolores. Otherwise, a new park appears to exist! That is intriguing. Bernard appears to be in excellent spirits as he joyfully makes his way to the middle of the maze. Black Robot Man scans the sublime. In the Valley Beyond? Help.) This season, Maeve and Hale appear to be going to war. With bugs trying to crawl in his eyes and all, Caleb appears to be in serious trouble.

Going forward The first Westworld Season Four trailer, which you can watch below and which is paired to Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day,” is basically a highlight reel of Westworld nonsense. There’s Christina-Not-Dolores, too! She is also glaring menacingly at passersby. After drinking his morning coffee, Caleb lets forth a ferocious scream. In the Sublime, Bernard is having a blast, but towards the conclusion of the trailer, he is lying in a pool of his own blood. The Robot Man in Black is both a murderer and sick of being a murderer. Maeve plots. I dare you, my dear reader, to play the Legally Blonde song “Perfect Day” while you view a muted version of this trailer.

They first made it known that James Marsden will be coming back. But Teddy the himbo cowboy may no longer exist. Because Wood—a writer by the name of Christina—appears to be a completely new character. According to a story from Deadline, Christina will embark on a date with “a man named James Marsden”. Seriously. Peruse this:

She is a typical lady working as a writer in a big metropolis, according to Wood. Really, she never experiences anything.  I discussed what it meant when I got to know that Dolores would have a pretty catastrophic ending in Season Three with [co-creator] Jonathan [Nolan] and Lisa. Yes, you’ll return this season and you’ll resemble Evan Rachel Wood, but you’re not really me, they stated.

(Bernard Lowe) Jeffrey Wright The Emmy and Tony winner stated, “Bernard is still trying to solve it all and he is still very much a part of the battle.” “The conflict is still ongoing, and Bernard is smack in the middle of it. It will be enjoyable. (Jeffrey, will it be enjoyable? Does it?!)

Maeve Millay’s Thandiwe Newton: “I have no idea what they have in store for me. I am aware that Tessa [Thompson] and I are a team. We can maybe cause some legitimate harm.

“[The Man in Black] ended up becoming this creature [a host] that he’s controlled for so long,” says Jonathan Nolan, co-creator of the series. And viscerally, I simply cannot wait to witness Ed murder everyone.

“[Nolan] said [Dolores] was going to die,” said Evan Rachel Wood as Christina-Dolores Abernathy. He affirmed that, indeed, the Dolores that we know is gone but was very direct about it and a little vague about other inquiries I asked.

Will Westworld’s upcoming season be any less confusing? NO