Shenmue Anime Will Premiere On 6th February On Crunchyroll And Adult Swim

The Anime Adaptation Of Shenmue Will Premiere on 6th February

Famous Action-adventure videogame series Shenmue is finally releasing as an anime series. Released on 29th December 1999, this videogame was developed by SEGA. It is an open world game released for various platforms such as, Dreamcast, Windows, Xbox etc. The fans loved the brawl-style combat gameplay and the game went on for three parts. Legendary Japanese game designer Yu Suzuki created the Shenmue trilogy.

Death Of His Father

Ryo And Iwao Hazuki
Ryo & Iwao Hazuki, Shemue I, Vizzed

The story is set in 1986, November 29 when Ryo Hazuki (main protagonist) returns to his family dojo. He finds his father (Iwao Hazuki) confronting a man named Lan Di. He demands Iwao to give a mysterious artifact, The Dragon Mirror. Iwao tells the location of the mirror to protect Ryo. When Lan Di’s men find out the mirror, Lan Di kills Iwao and leaves. Iwao dies in Ryo’s arms. From that day Ryo seeks Lan Di to get his father’s revenge.

The Trailer

The anime series will show the story after Ryo discovers his father’s past. He finds himself in a war between Underground Organizations. But Ryo refuses to give up and finds the murderer of his father. He investigates about the Mysterious Dragon Mirror and searches for a man named Lan Di. In the English dub Ryo Hazuki will be voiced by Austin Tindle and Lan Di will be voiced by Scott Gibbs.

Revenge Of His Father’s Death

Shenmue Anime
Shenmue Anime, SEGA Saturn Shiro

Shenmue anime is very close to release date. The show will be produced by Crunchyroll and Adult swim. The fans of Shenmue games are surprised and amazed to know about the anime series release. Crunchyroll has confirmed that the show will be premiered on 5th February or 6th February 2022. But the timing may vary according to region.