SEVENTEEN’s DK To Sing OST For TvN Drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-five Twenty-one Is Up With Its Sound Track

On 27th of February 2022, Seventeen’s DK will release the original sound track for the TvN drama Twenty-five Twenty-one at 6:00 pm KST. Earlier on 25th of February 2022, the studio in-charge of the production of the TvN drama announced about the sound track naming it, Go.

The song

As per the sources, Go is going to be a pop song. Further, it will have youthful emotions that create an urge to go ahead without any hesitations. It will be a fast song with energetic vibe.

It will be played at the fencing game scene of the female lead, Kim Tae Ri, playing the role of Na Hee Do. The original sound track will be a solo by DK, who is performing a solo after very long time. His last sound track was for the series Tempted which named, Missed Connection.

Cast And Production

Kim Seon-tae is the executive producer whereas Yoon Ha-rim, Heo Seok-won and Park Hun-joo are the producers of the series.

The series is starring Kim Tae-ri, Kim so-hyun and Ko Ye-rin as Na Hee Do at different ages. Along with them, the series is starring, Nam Joo-hyuk as Baek Yi-jin, Bona as Go Yoo-rim and many more.

Cast of Twenty-Five Twenty-One
From Twitter @NetflixKR

Briefing The Series

The series is themed as a romantic comedy. Jung Ji-hyun is the director of the series whereas, Kwon De-eun is the writer of the series.

It follows a story of a time when dreams seem unreachable but at that time a teen fencer pursues big ambition. Later, she meets a hard working young man who is putting on efforts to rebuild his life.

Currently, Na Hee Do’s daughter ran away from her ballet class to her grandmother’s house. There, she came across her mother diary. Further, this story is narrated by Na Hee Do’s daughter, Kim Min-chae.