Selena Gomez’s ‘Desperate’ Attempts to Make ‘Rare’ #1

Selena Gomez wants to make her new album ‘Rare’ chart-topper at all costs.

Selena Gomez admits going to great lengths to ensure the chart-topper tag for her latest album ‘Rare.’ The album consisting of 13 songs was released last week, 10th January, and is already a blockbuster, however, that is not sufficient for the 27-year-old songstress.

She aspires and desires her most ambitious and passionate project to top the charts and emerge as the top scorer. Though she previously described the album as something extremely personal to her and had maintained that numbers don’t matter so much to her, she is changing all that for Rare.

She recently took her Instagram where she posted a video requesting Selenators to come for her rescue. Yes, she indeed posted a video urging fans to stream her album multiple times on multiple platforms. In the video, she informed the fans that she has found out her album is neck-to-neck with another incredible artist (referring to Roddy Ricch).

Selena Gomez’s Desperate Attempts to Make ‘Rare’ #1.
Picture: Instagram | @selenagomez

She further said that she told before it was never about numbers for her, but she would love for the most album she has ever released to reach No.1. Urging the fans, she asked to stream and listen to her album on all platforms, if they don’t mind, as it would mean absolute world to her. In the end, she said that that was something she always dreamed of, but regardless she hopes that people are enjoying it.

“So, no worries. Either way, I’m happy,” she signed off.

However, that was not all, the American actress & singer took Instagram stories to drop a sneak peek of her yet another attempt to grab the top spot for her album. “Alright, so one more day to see if I can buy as many albums as possible, so we are currently going to Target and Best Buy and Walmart,” the musician said when her friends joined in with several other stores, they were dropping by to a buy a stock of her album.

Realising her desperate attempts, she asked if she is kind of desperate for doing all that? Soon to be covered with a devil-may-care attitude that she doesn’t care. She doesn’t care as this album of her is very rare. She said that she is very excited eager and excited for it to do, and once again urged fans to stream the album.

This move comes from the singer as Rare is competing closely with Roddy Ricch’s ‘Please Excuse Me For Being Far Behind,’ and is in the jeopardy for landing on No.2 as opposed to her desired No.1.

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Did it again @bangbangnyc 🦋 rare

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Gomez even got the name inked on her. She shared a snap of her tattoo on Instagram yesterday.