Scientists discover Citrus Caviar in finger limes to have remarkable ant-aging properties; Effective Face Cream in the Market!

New research discovered by scientist that an American Fruit “Citrus Caviar” in finger limes found to have remarkable anti-aging properties

An exclusive discovery to reduce Wrinkles

New research has been discovered by scientists that “Citrus Caviar” in finger limes is an exceptional anti-aging property for wrinkles.

An exclusive new face cream made from the flesh of Australian fruit is all set to hit the UK market this month, especially for wrinkles. The fruit “Citrus Caviar” has become the latest must-have ingredient in cosmetic products. And, this happened after the scientist discovered the anti-aging power of an American fruit-the tiny pearl of flesh found in finger limes.

The finger limes contain a high concentration of Vitamin C, which is very good to keep healthy skin. It is also said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The to be launched face cream contains a high concentration of acid obtained from the lime also helps to breaks down the cells that produce dead skin, and create it smoother and softer.

About the effective Face Cream

The research got initiated from the popularity of a face cream which includes citrus lime. The cream is already on high demand among people in South-East Asia, and there was a 13000-long waiting list when it first sent on sale.

Boots declared that they will be selling Korean beauty brand Too Cool for people of Citrus-Lime moisturizer with the cost from £28 for 55ml.