Sadie Robertson Shows Off Her Stretch Marks On Instagram Revealing Her Husband, Christian Huff Finds Them “Cool”!

The “Duck Dynasty” star shows off her stretch marks in a set of swimsuits in a recent Instagram post with her followers. Her new husband Christian Huff is supportive of her and loves her.

Loving and supporting husband

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“whoa babe your stretch marks are so cool” – things husbands say I’m finding it’s pretty cool that the things I was insecure about my husband thinks are the best. But when I really start to think about it, i think that the things most people are insecure about are the things we think are the best on the ones we love. Smile lines, face wrinkles, stretch marks, scars that say we made it through something hard, and all the other things we notice in the mirror that bother us, our friends and family notice and love and are proud of the people we have become. Just think about it… if we love it for other people let’s just start loving it for ourselves too – it would make life a lot more fun💥

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The swimsuit was revealing her stretch marks on her hips and upper thighs. She posted her picture with a caption which revealed that her husband thinks, the things she was insecure about, are the best like her stretch marks.

Such a happy couple

The engagement, wedding and honeymoon pictures are the living rooms of how happy this new couple is with each other. Their love and support for each other are highly appreciating and adorable.

With this post with Sadie praising her husband about how good he makes her feel on something she earlier considered as a flaw. It’s supportive of him. It made Sadie feel good and confident about her own body.

The inspirational message which Sadie gave through her post was amazing. Soon after she posted this, her comments section was filled up with love, support, and self-acceptance from all her beloved followers. One fan even commented “Keep being you! You are a great model for a lot of people!”