Sabrina Williams, half-sister of Venus and Serena Williams calls her Dad an “A**hole”

Sabrina Williams, half-sister of tennis megastars, Serena and Venus Williams calls their dad a “sperm donor” expressing all her anger over him.

Talking about her sad childhood and tough teenage years, Sabrina called her father. Richard Williams “a serial cheater”. The lady called out her dad for abandoning her mother in poverty with six kids. Richard Williams left Sabrina’s mother, Betty Johnson and got together with Oracene Price, the mother of the tennis players.

Sabrina Williams said that her father had many affairs and her parents always argued about this. Saying that her dad has many children spread across the country, Williams told to The Sun that she knows there are more siblings. She was told between fifteen and nineteen all over the place, from Los Angeles to Louisiana.

Mr. Williams has five children with Sabrina’s mother who also has one daughter, Katrina Jones from her previous relationship. He left the home when Sabrina was eight-year-old telling her that he was going to get her a new bicycle. Later, her mother told her that her father was never coming back. “I thought I was dad’s favourite and he loved me to death”, she told.

The trainee chaplain continued to talk about the miserable life they had after Richard left home. “There wasn’t always meals on the table “, said Sabrina. Her mom became stressed out with six kids, trying to provide for them and became aggressive.

The 55-year-old said that she saw her father only twice since he left home, once when was 10 and again during college. She called her father to pay $1,000 for some college bills at Hope Christian University. Her father agreed to give her money but only as a loan. “That’s when I knew he was an a**hole”, Sabrina said.

Sabrina on her half-sisters Venus and Serena

Speaking about her half-sisters, Venus and Serena, lady Williams said that she accidentally met them at a theme park during their teens. She said that she’s proud of her athlete sisters for everything they have accomplished. The eldest of the Williams complained that the players never tried to reach out to their siblings on Richard’s side.

Despite all the ups and down in the bond between Sabrina and her dad, she says that she’ll never stop loving him. The lady also believes that her half-sisters would also unite with them and keep up the bond.