Ryan Reynolds confirmed Deadpool 3, official announcement questionable?? Surprise element expected!

According to Ryan Reynolds, there is a confirmation for a threequel. Also, after a hit villain centric storyline, fans are expecting a lot from this edition of the movie.

When is it going to release in your nearest cinemas ???

As of now, there is no official conversation or announcement of the releasing date of Deadpool 3 but the post of Ryan Reynolds has already hinted the paparazzi about the release of the same. The hint was that, that Ryan Reynolds was posing in front of the Marvel Studios and he then uploaded the picture of the same.

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Colossus insisted we post this version of the #OnceUponADeadpool poster and what big guy wants big guy gets.

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Who will constitute the cast of Deadpool 3 ???

Let us tell you what faces can you come across while watching Deadpool 3. Apart from this, Ryan would be redoing the role of Wade Wilson. Also, no official announcements for the cast are made yet but one can for sure expect similar faces to return in the third edition. The role of Colossus would be played by Stefan Kapičić, Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s role will be portrayed by Brianna Hildebrand, Yukio’s character will be taken up by Shioli Kutsuna, and Russell will be Julian Dennison. To add on Wolverine’s role would be played by Hugh Jackman.

What is the plot all about ???

Well, some hints were given by Ryan Reynolds to inform us how the plot would proceed. The plot of this threequel would go into a whole different perspective and direction. Furthermore, the dimension of Time Travel would also be added to Deadpool 3. Also, pansexuality would be introduced in this part and there is a surprise element added too.

Fans already excited and have high expectations. Hopefully, the movie will be able to meet to the expectations of the audience.