Russian Youtuber Created the World’s first retractable Lightsaber!

The Lightning Creation by Russian Youtuber

Alex Burkan is the mastermind behind the creation of the retractable Lightsaber. Alex is a Russian Youtuber. We can find his channel under ‘Alex Lab’ name. Who doesn’t love ‘Starwars’, Alex is no exception. He is a fan of the Starwars movie franchise. Which motivated him to build a Lightsaber like in the movie. Which got him Guinness record.

Picture of Alec with his Guinnes Record
Courtesy:Guinness World Records

This Lightsaber produces a plasma blade that is over 1 meter (3.28ft) in length. It reaches temperatures over 2,800°C (5,072°F). It is reported that it can cut through steel(How amazing, right!).

Behind Lightsaber’s Success

After watching ‘ Star Wars ‘, we all wished for a toy like Lightsaber. Alec faced many challenges to accomplish this. Since 2013, Alec’s field of research was Hydrogen generation equipment. This research led to this lightning creation.

Design of Lightsaber
Courtesy:Guinness World Records

The main component of this Lightsaber is an ‘Electrolyser’ says Alec. An electrolyzer is a device that generates a huge amount of Hydrogen and Oxygen and compresses the gas to any pressure without a mechanical compressor.

This Russian Youtuber used this Electrolyser as a hydrogen booster to his motorbike. In which it splits water into hydrogen and oxygen.

lightsaber cutting steel
Courtesy:Guinness World Records

Accomplishing this is no cakewalk, he struggled and conducted hundreds of experiments and bench tests. He was able to modify the hydrogen and oxygen burner, that formed the required shape and length for the Lightsaber, After all this hard work.

A Lightsaber invented in 2020

James Hobson invented Proto retractable Lightsaber in 2020. Hacksmith Industries located in Canada, James also created a lightsaber of their own, which broke the record for the first retractable lightsaber.

Hacksmith's Lightsaber
Courtesy: Guinness World Records

The difference between Alex’s and the one designed by Hacksmith is that it requires an external power source. The lightsaber is powered through tanks of liquid propane and oxygen gas. These will be attached to the lightsaber through a small backpack. In addition to that Alec’s lightsaber is a handy gadget and it can run for 30 seconds unlike Hacksmith’s.

Let’s take a look at the working of Jedi’s Lightsaber!