Russian Professor Caught Red Handed With Severed Arms In His Backpack! Killed his own student after an argument!

This story will surely send down showers down your spine. Apparently, a Russian professor was arrested with murder charges. How was the murder discovered? After he was found with a pair of severed arms!

What Led To The Discovery Of the Severed Arms?

A prominent Russian historian was recently charged with murder allegations of a former student. A pair of severed arms were found in his backpack when he was rescued from the Moika River in St. Petersburg. His name is Oleg Sokolov, a history professor specializing in French Revolutionary military history at St. Petersburg state university.

But what led to this grotesque murder? Let’s find out.

After his rescue, he was immediately admitted to the hospital for hypothermia. The other remains of the decapitated body are discovered by the police authorities. The alleged victim is twenty-four years old student Anastasia Yushchenko.  The police authorities have still not disclosed any other information regarding the murder.

What Led To Such A Heinous Crime?

Sokolov has signed a plea bargain, according to his lawyer, Alexander Pochuyev. The lawyer further states that of the heinous crime has taken place, which the culprit has admitted having done, it was done due to factors like insanity and possibly pathological intoxication. Authorities, on the other hand, have come up with a different theory. They said that the victim was one of Sokolov’s students who co-authored many of Sokolov’s works. There may have been an intimate relationship between the suspect and the victim.

Sokolov has confessed to the police that he killed Yushchenko on Thursday after an argument. After the crime was committed, he was about to dispose of the body in the river before taking his own life.