Russell Wilson Got Down on One Knee in Front of Ciara Asking This Adorable Question – We’re in Awe!

The Couple Made A Memorable Moment

On, The Ellen DeGeneres show which telecasts on Friday night, all the viewers experienced a beautiful moment. Russell Wilson went down on his knee in front of Ciara in between the show. Further, the thing which is more special about the moment is that they are already married for four years. If they are already married, then what did he ask?

About The Moment Of Joy

The Seattle Seahawks Quarterback was present there as a guest on the show whereas, his better-half was the host of the show.

The Ellen show
From Twitter @ciara

Later, on the show, he went down on his knee and he asked Ciara, can they have more babies. Further, he said that it would be perfect if they have at least one more child and was eagerly waiting for a yes.

All the viewers were waiting for Ciara’s reply when she said that they could definitely have another child. It was a very sweet and a moment of joy and that could be seen in both of their faces.

Thereafter, she added that, at first, she was surprised of what was happening as they had been in this similar moment earlier in their life. At last, she said that she is happy and is ready to have one more child with him.

More About The Couple

The couple got married in 2016. Till date, they have a one and a half year old boy name Win Harrison, a four year old girl name Sienna Princess. They have a seven year old boy, Zahir, which Ciara had with her ex-husband.

The couple is the Co-author of a children’s book name ‘Why Not us?’, Which they promoted in that interview.