Rudy Giuliani gets mocked via Lose Yourself parody for criticising Eminem for the Super Bowl performance

The Late Show mocks Rudy Giuliani for criticising Eminem

Rudy Giuliani recently criticised Eminem for taking a knee during his performance in the Super Bowl half time show. The former NYC mayor was definitely not pleased by the rapper’s gesture and didn’t hold back in letting everyone know.

Rudy W. Giuliani
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However, the The Late Show team didn’t keep mum either and gave it back to Giuliani in the most hilarious way possible.

Rudy Giuliani gets dragged via an epic Lose Yourself parody

On the Thursday episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the comedy show immediately decided to give a proper response to Giuliani. And needless to say, they absolutely delivered!

The team of the comedy show created a spoof version of the 2002 hit track “Lose Yourself” starring Eminem. In the brief clip, we see a faux version of the rapper impersonating the track, but there was a slight modification in the lyrics.

In reference to the ex mayor’s eccentric press conference moment, the faux Eminem raps “The leakage on his cheekage is scary”. The lyrics further points out Rudy’s hypocritic behaviour.

We definitely don’t want to spoil it for you because this is something you need to experience it for yourself. Check out the hilarious clip above and compare it to the original version below.

Giuliani’s opinion on Eminem’s kneeling down moment

The 107th mayor of NYC recently visited 77 WABC and make it very clear that he was not at all pleased with Eminem kneeling down after performing “Lose Yourself”.

The ex Donald Trump lawyer added that the Venom artist should rather take a knee in some other country. He further added that crime is already way out of control in LA and a lot of cops were protecting the rapper at the event. Giuliani said in conclusion that NFL is entirely mocking law enforcement by supporting cop-killing Black Lives Matter.