Robert Pattinson Reveals About His Love For ‘Batman’

Nowadays, superhero movies have become a benchmark of success. Although in the beginning, DC movies might not have gathered a good collection now, they have also started doing great.

Like Christoper Nolan’s Batman trilogy gave us an iconic character, Heath Ledger’s Joker.┬áIt has set a criterion for other actors to perform the role of Joker.

Batman is one of the iconic comic book characters. It will not be superlative to say Batman is the most famous comic book character. No comic book lover will not be unknown to Batman.

Now, Robert Pattinson will continue the legacy of Batman after Ben Affleck. He will play the role in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. It will be his next big movie after Twilight Saga. Recently, he revealed why he would like to play this character.

The fandom of the 33-year-old actor may have brought him plenty of big offers during his career. At last, he accepted the iconic role of Batman. However, it will not be easy to portray this role on the big screen. But Robert explained the reasons why he picked up this role.
Batman’s role has always been much more demanding than other superheroes. Something always appealed to him about the character. There is always a legacy in Batman movies. It always attracts richly talented directors and cast.

Filmmakers love to make Batman movies. Although it has not been an easy task for them. Also, he is a fan of Batman comics from his childhood. Christopher Nolan created an excellent trilogy that took The Dark Knight to another level.

Although there are a lot of superhero movies coming nowadays the audience demands a different level of presentation from this genre. And the level of Batman movies is much higher. Pattinson will love to play this challenging role and give his best.