Robert Irwin’s dire encounter with a 12-foot Crocodile at Australia Zoo

Robert Irwin was almost attacked at Australia Zoo!

Steve Irwin’s 18-year old son, Robert Irwin faced an attack recently. The Crocodile hunter’s son shared a video of his alarming encounter on social media. The 18-year-old had to escape from the giant crocodile. The episode took place when Robert was documenting for his show It’s the Irwins. Things didn’t turn out too favourable for him it seems.

Robert Irwin with crocodile
Instagram| Robert Irwin

One of the Most Intense Crocodile Feeding Incident

The incident occurred when Robert was making his first attempt at feeding Casper. Casper is a 12.14-foot leucistic saltwater crocodile. Recalling the event, Robert said that they had to bring him out of the water as he was way too territorial. Moreover, the 18-year-old had to struggle to help him adapt. Furthermore, he had to take care of Casper’s girlfriend Wendy as well. Completely unaware of the crocodile’s reaction, Robert called him and was nearly attacked by the giant creature! The feeding process is thrilling.

Prioritizing Animal Behaviour and Educating People

Robert Irwin feeding
Instagram| Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin showcased immense competence and maintained his calm throughout the production. Although the whole procedure wasn’t swift, Robert’s courage is commendable. Robert has described his encounter with great detail stating that the incident was the most intense feeding experience of his life. Furthermore, he mentioned that it is important to prioritize natural behaviour with crocodiles. He also elaborated the technique that they use where crocodiles are allowed to take huge strides so that they could judge their predatory instincts. How cool is that!

Robert Irwin's encounter
Instagram| Robert Irwin

Not a mindless practice, safety is a priority

While many people might consider this as a dangerous stunt, the Irwins just love it. Emphasizing safety, Irwin said that they wish to educate people about animal conservation. Furthermore, he stated that safety is a crucial part of the process for them. It is important to know when to stop, and with Casper, the best choice was to bail. They were also attempting to prepare Casper for the midday crocodile show which is The Australia Zoo’s attraction. Robert is surely following the footsteps of his father.