RHCP Ex Guitarist Josh Kilnghoffer become nostalgic after 10 years and and shared the shocking reason of leaving the band!!

Famous guitarist and former RHCP member Josh Klinghoffer finally decided to talk about his Red Hot Chili Peppers firing. In a podcast with Marc Maron, Josh opened up and shared details of his departure from the band and the comeback of John Frusciante.

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In December last year, Josh said he got a message from band member Flea for an urgent meeting regarding the discussion of the “state of affairs of things” Josh Klinghoffer had replaced John Frusciante way back in 2009. Josh had a fear in his heart that something was about to go wrong even though the meeting would be mostly about their touring schedules and record issues. Josh said, “when I got the text, my heart sank a little bit. There was something in the air and the dreariness of that December day that told me… I remember thinking like this could all disappear.”

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After he reached for the meeting, which was being organized in Flea’s house, he observed that all the band members were already waiting for him. Then they broke the news of Frusciante reuniting with the band. They then told Klinghoffer that he was no longer requires. Josh said that the news came to him as a total shock. He described, “It was a total shock. But I’m not surprised.”

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About his future plans after his dismissal from RHCP, he said that he was preparing for his solo debut album titled “To Be One With You” The album released just last year in November. On his upcoming live solo tours, he said, “I’m excited about it and a little petrified just because I’ve never done it. I don’t necessarily have the ‘Hey, look at me, I’m doing this all by myself,’ aspect of my personality. But it’s an amazing opportunity just to make music in a new context.”

Josh had devoted ten years of his life for the band, and after the split, he’s still in the phase of recovery. As soon as he got the text from Flea, he had this weird feeling that they were going to talk about his presence in the band, and exactly that’s what happened. He said that he felt John be more deserving of the band than himself. And about his journey of 10 years with RHCP, he quoted, “There’s never a moment that I could look back and think this has been bad.”