Review of My Hero One’s Justice 2, One of the best anime arena fighting games we have seen in a while!

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular Shonen series of recent times, and it has made a return to the gaming industry with the second title My Hero One’s Justice 2.

The game brings the famed quirk loaded heroes into the realm of area fighting, with new fighters to choose from. Players have been given the opportunity to choose 3 of their favorite fighters, two of which acts as the assists for the main and first Hero.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising - Wikipedia
The show presents amazing visuals that rival the fantastic aesthetic of the series. The setting of the game is after the All Might vs. All For One showdown, just at the start of the Yakuza arc. The players can utilize Deku’s new shoot style to overthrow Overhaul and his Yakuza members. One’s Justice 2 gives the players the opportunity to engage in intense combat with either your friends or the CPU.

Arena fighting games can turn out to be incredibly enjoyable with extremely fluid combat systems or turn out to be clunky and unrefined, which makes it incredibly boring. My Hero One’s Justice is of the first category and provides one of the most enjoyable experiences.

The game provides a plethora of amazing characters with the two powerful ‘Ultra’ moves and a collection of special moves for each character. Fluid controls and an amazing combat system makes the game, like the anime itself.

Talking about the combat system, the game has remarkably polished armored moves, well-defined throws, amazing combo strings, and unique special moves. The assist system of the game is made to fill in both the defensive and offensive parts of combat, giving in a perfect balance. The game just creates the intensity you’d expect while watching a scene from the anime.

For those who are looking for good offline gameplay, the game has the Yakuza saga, which allows the player to experience the arc. The game gives a good Arcade styled mode wherein the players face opponents of higher rankings and difficulty. The game can be played by casual fans as the game provides a long list of missions and a wide range of single-player content.

The only problem we found with the game is that it was to similar to the previous part of the game. The game is similar to the previous My Hero One’s Justice game, except adding a few new characters and the new story arc. But we must say that the new characters have added quality to the game.

We must say that the game exceeded the expectations, and was one of the best anime arena fighter experiences we have seen in recent times.