Revealed!! Camila Cabello discloses New Year plans but, Will Shawn be a happy man this Christmas!!

Camila Cabello revealed her new year plans with boyfriend Shawn Mendes at Sirius XM’s Radio Andy where she stopped to promote her new album Romance.

While talking to the host Andy Cohen on December 13, the singer unveiled her plan to visit her boyfriend’s home country Canada along with him. As Shawn heads to his home place, he’s talking Camila along with him. Camila has already met Shawn’s family on his 21st birthday in NYC back in August this year.
When asked about her New Year Eve’s plans, she told Andy that she thinks about just hanging out with Shawn. At the very next moment she corrected herself by saying that she does not only think, she knows.
Cabello plans to “go out” as they head towards Toronto. Despite of their busy schedules and timetables, the couple wants to spend their time together.

Cabello at Sirius XM
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Cabello told Rolling Stone in November that they both shared a connection in 2015 during their song “I Know What You Did Last Summer “. This just got better during their latest duet.
While the singers have been only dating for five months officially, the ‘ Senorita ‘ co-artists are never afraid of PDA. They have been spotted multiple times holding hands and kissing in public.