Resident Evil 3 Remake’s Exciting New Hardcore Mode Takes It Back To It’s Roots! All about the Nightmare Mode


The Resident Evil 3 remake takes back the game to its core values and close to the survival horror games we have seen before. This can give you a greater feeling of control in your struggle to survive the hordes of undead. The game can often weigh heavily on action, resulting in meetings that aren’t very frightening.

Resident Evil 3’s campaign is not very big, and the game doesn’t have much bonus content, completing the story on Nightmare difficulty opens up a new difficulty mode that feels closer to a survival horror experience taking Resident Evil 3 to its former glory.

How Nightmare Mode Improves the Resident Evil 3 Remake?

Nightmare mode has enemies behave more violently, have harder attacks, and appear in different locations. This results in a playthrough that’s significantly different from previous ones. Regular zombies become much more dangerous than in other modes, rushing in to face the characters Jill and Carlos and deal much more damage.

Players have to develop a more strategic approach to how they approach every situation and carefully use anything at their disposal to gain an upper hand. Enemies take more damage to defeat which makes these instants even more panicky.

Nightmare mode certifies players no longer feel contented, as they have to explore diverse areas for valuable items and don’t know precisely what’s to come behind any given door.

Players will still have to take on the same final boss fights each time. So only the open sections of the game feel evocatively changed. The final boss challenge has a new attack form that needs capable dodging abilities to avoid death, but this difficulty increase feels unfair since the other bosses don’t have any big changes.

Overall, Nightmare mode adds desired replay value to the game, particularly when combined with RE3’s splendid Item Shop extras. Notably, Nightmare mode’s more imaginative encounters, stimulating enemies, and stressed inventory managing adds new tension to RE3’s action styled gameplay, making the game more authentic to Resident Evil’s survival horror roots.