Remains of a woman found in manhole! Does the body belong to a missing woman Brittany Burfield?

Texas police have recently discovered the remains of a woman who has reportedly been missing from last summer.

KHOU reported that a community activist who goes by the name Quannell X said that Brittany Burfield’s body was discovered in a manhole, which was located at the 3100 blocks of Hadley Street in Houston.

Remains of a woman found in manhole! Does the body belong to a missing woman Brittany Burfield? 3

In a tweet on Friday, Houston police confirmed that they had recovered possible human remains from the manhole. But the tweet did not reveal the identity of the deceased. According to KTRK, Houston police Sergent Steven Murdock has said that the remains found were skeletal.

KPRC reported that Brittany Burfield was last seen in her mother’s house located in Sugar Land back in June 2018. Brittany Burfield’s relatives have immediately suspected a foul play in her disappearance. Brittany’s relatives reported that Brittany wouldn’t leave without informing it to everyone.

According to a news outlet a suspect, Haggerty, was released from prison two years ago, in 2017. Haggerty before releases served 15 years in prison because of robbery. When Haggerty was arrested for Burfield’s presumed murder, Haggerty is said to have been on parole.

According to the report from KHOU, Haggerty lived in Brittany Burfield’s Houston apartment back in May 2018. The reason not known as to why Brittany Burfield has kicked him out shortly after lending him the house.

The police informed that some of Brittany Burfield’s clothes were found inside Haggerty’s house. They even claimed that Haggerty was spotted with Brittany’s car right after her relative’s reported Brittany missing.

According to KTRK, Murdock informed that the manhole in which the remains were found was nine feet deep and had six-inches of standing water at the bottom. He also added that it would be too soon to identify the remains as Brittany Burfield.