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Reliance is experiencing Telecom Mass Attacks and needs Help….because the Protests of Indian farmers are no less…

Reliance is facing Telecom Mass Attacks and needs help because the protests of Indian farmers against farm laws are in no way ending soon.

Suppliers we’re required to abide by the minimum support. There was always a similar mechanism being implemented by the government. The government authorities were asked to stop attacks against its telecommunication. Farmers were protesting all long. The conglomerate had profited a lot from farm reforms at their expense.


Mukesh Ambani is one of Asia’s richest man and he controls the Reliance company. He will file a petition on the matter in the Punjab and Haryana High Court later on Monday. That was said in a statement to stock exchanges. India has got the biggest farm unrest in years. The growers are tens of thousands.


They have largely grown from the states of Punjab. In Haryana also which is located north of India, have been protesting near New Delhi against the laws. The laws are such that farmers are allowed to sell to institutional buyers. Big retailers such as Reliance Retail, Walmart, and Cargill are also included in the list. Farmers are also forming a powerful political constituency.

The laws that we’re passed in September are feared a lot now. They could see the government stop buying grains at guaranteed prices. Reliance is India’s largest operational retailer. Suppliers are abiding by this minimum support. A similar mechanism might also be implemented by the government.

The company said it had not done any corporate or contract farming. Therefore there were no plans for getting into the business. Telecommunications have been attacked by thousands of protestors. Reliance’s Jio mast of companies has been especially attacked. That is what resulted in their damage or their supply being cut off.

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