Red Hot Chili Peppers Makes Comeback with “Black Summer” After 2016

Red Hot Chili Peppers are all set with their comeback

It’s been a long wait since 2016 but as they say, some things are definitely worth the wait. Red hot Chili Peppers are finally making a comeback with their latest track “Black Summer”. This will be the band’s first song after the joining of guitarist John Frusciante in 2019.

The band’s latest album, Unlimited Love, opens with this track and will be out on April 1.

The new single is ready to arrive before the band’s upcoming tour

The rock band has multiple shows lined up in their upcoming stadium tour with support from multiple artists including Thundercat, A$AP Rocky, Haim, King Princess and more.

The tour is set to begin in June and will continue through September. In a press release, the band said that their goal behind creating their upcoming album is to get lost in the music. Reportedly, the group spend thousands of hours, both individually and collectively, to come up with the best album they could.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers Official Instagram

The members further expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to be in a creative space and for being able to spend weeks and months in an environment of beautiful sounds, rythms and melodies.

There are 17 tracks in Unlimited Love

The latest album of the American rock band will have 17 tracks-

1. Black Summer.

2. Here Ever After.

3. Aquatic Mouth Dance.

4. Not the One.

5. Poster Child.

6. The Great Apes.

7. It’s only Natural.

8. She’s a Lover.

9. These are the Ways.

10. Whatchu Thinkin’

11. Bastards of Light

12. White Braids & Pillow Chair.

13. One Way Traffic.

14. Veronica.

15. Let ‘Em Cry.

16. The Heavy Wing.

17. Tangelo.

After the death of the founding guitarist of the band Hillel Slovak, John Frusciante joined the group in 1988. He worked with the members in Mother’s Milk and Blood Sugar Sex Magik and left for the first time in 1992. After Frusciante joined again in 1998, he worked with the band on 3 more projects before leaving again in 2009.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers Official Instagram

In December 2019, an announcement regarding Frusciante’s return to Red Hot Chili Peppers was made.