Rapper Snoop Dogg faces lawsuit for battery and sexual assault right before Super Bowl performance

Snoop Dogg faces legal trouble for alleged assault

Recently, Snoop Dogg had to face legal troubles after an unidentified woman filed a lawsuit against him and another man for sexual assault.

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According to the lawsuit, the rapper is guilty of sexual assualt and battery towards the woman. The incident reportedly took place in 2013 after the lady attended one of the rapper’s concerts in May 2013.

Lawsuit filed just days before the rapper’s scheduled Super Bowl performance

The woman filed the lawsuit on Wednesday, just mere days before the California Gurls artist is set to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show. Along with him, there will be a few other hip hop artists who are going to perform at the event near Los Angeles including Dr Dre, Eminem and more.

According to the lawsuit filed in the Central District of California, the woman said that after the concert, she and her friend came to an agreement to go to Snoop Dogg’s studio with the rapper and Donald Campbell (also known as Bishop Don Magic Juan).

Snoop Dogg
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After her friend left, the woman apparently asked Campbell to take her home. But the High album artist’s associate took her to his house. The woman claimed in the lawsuit that Snoop Dogg forced her into having oral sex and even masturbated on her.

The complaint stated that the plaintiff was worried about her job security. The dominance of the rapper made her feel helpless and pressurized. The complaint also states that the woman faced sexual assault by Campbell.

Who is this unidentified woman?

Attorney Matt E.O. Finkelberg filed the lawsuit against Snoop on behalf of his client. The court documents refer to this woman as “Jane Doe”.

According to her description, she used to work as a model, dancer, host, actress and a spokesperson for Comedy Central, Muse Ink Festival and more.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg Official Instagram

Apparently, both the parties tried to come to a mutual agreement via private mediation but were “unsuccessful.”