Ragnarok’s Trailer Promises Thunder Leaving Fans Anticipated

Netflix has dropped the trailer for its tweaked mythological tale Ragnarok.

With the departure of some of the most popular Netflix classics and the arrival of new seasons for the rest others; Netflix is adding a new superhero tale Ragnarok on its platform.

Ragnarok is a modernised version of Norwegian traditional mythological tale described in the pages of the 13th-century Nordic text the Poetic Edda. It is a recurring chronicle of Gods from Norse mythology indulging in battles with giants.

It is the ultimate conflict between two mighty entities that cause extreme natural disasters before the world is ultimately renewed, and the gods, and humans alike are reborn in its wake.

After a series of teasers, the streaming giant finally released an extended trailer for the six-part Norwegian show to give a wider idea and elevate the anticipation among fans.

The show chronicles a tale of an event that occurred eons ago. A young man named Magne played by David Stakston, and his brother arrive in the small town of Edda, he discovers that he’s got strange powers beyond those of a normal human. He realises that he’s a descendant of the Gods and giants of old Asgard, and he’s destined to take part in the next cycle of Ragnarök’s cataclysm. But he is not the only one with the special powers, there are a few more like him and as they find out the evils that wish to see the destruction of the town, he along with his friends wages a war against evil.

Some similarities were drawn between the upcoming Norwegian series with Marvel’s 2018 hit Thor: Ragnarok, but the makers have clarified that it has nothing to do with the movie. The superhero series is developed by Adam Prince starring newcomer David Stakson will go on air on 31st January on Netflix.