Racism and Toxicity in America’s Got Talent; Gabrielle Union said to be “Too Black” for the Reality Show!

Gabrielle Union, former AGT judge claimed that the show bosses commented on her hair and clothes. They said that they were “too black” for the show.

The toxic environment on the show

Along with the racist allegations, Gabrielle also complained that the environment on the show attracting more than 10 million viewers was highly toxic. Simon Cowell, who is also a judge on the show was too bossy. Gabrielle threatened legal action against Simon’s company, Syco. The show is co-produced by Syco. She is keeping track of his company and is in constant contact with NBC too. She has issues with Simon being totally autonomous on the show’s set.

After facing such situations, she filed a complaint but there wasn’t a place to go or to reach out for help. Gabrielle is an independent, wealthy and powerful woman and she isn’t interested in any monetary settlement. This act is considered to be her #MeToo moment. She is interested in changing the system and making it a better place for working women.

Response from the show makers

After all the drama, the show started that they were addressing Gabrielle and her team and are in complete touch with them. They always try to keep the working environment on the show peaceful and respectful for all the wee employees. They are trying their best to understand Gabrielle’s situation and all her issues. Necessary steps will be taken to make all the amendments.

Gabrielle tweeted about her long discussion with the show makers. In that discussion, she opened up about everything she’s been through. She had an honest discussion. She told her unfiltered truth in the meeting. Her team and lawyer also said that they are looking forward to the real changes made by the makers for the betterment of the show. Gabrielle is also hoping for the change and the necessary amendments. Many celebrities like Ariana Grande and Patricia Arquette have shown their support for Gabrielle and want to have a healthy workplace environment for all the women of the world.