Protein Supplement, Sestrin Can Become An Alternative For Exercise

It becomes hard for elderly people as they become senile with age and they are not able to exercise or perform any physical work but exercising is essential for them at the same time.

Researchers identify a way out for exercise

However, the University of Michigan has figured a way out for these people who now can relax and just have this supplement to make themselves stay fit and energetic. As per the new research by the University, an existing protein supplement can ensure more benefits than exercise.

Sestrin is a naturally occurring protein that accumulates in the muscles after intense physical activity. This research is entirely based on previous studies and the university toiled hard to bring their new invention out.

The researchers found out that if artificially increased, an animal’s Sestrin levels could churn out the beneficial effects that are associated with the protein. The research was done on Drosophila flies which were divided into three groups.
One group was normal, another group had been bred to lack the ability to produce Sestrin, and the last was altered to overexpress Sestrin. All three groups were physically trained for three weeks, on a sort of mini treadmill designed by colleagues at Detroit’s Wayne State University.


After testing animal activities such as the insects’ ability to run and fly for a long period, they discovered that regular flies improved while the ones lacking Sestrin did not show any positive results. Some flies who had overexposure to the protein showed amazing results than the regular ones.

The protein has numerous benefits than one can think of. It not only boosts endurance but has many other positive effects that can make your body stay healthy.

It was confirmed that this protein did not work on every living species as it was tested on the mice, there were negative results. Hence, it was later discovered that its dose is only applicable to people who have an injured limb encased within a cast.